THANK YOU students and teachers from Ste. Genevieve High School, Valle Catholic School, and Nerinx Hall in St. Louis.  You’ve created your own expressions of Pelagie’s life, and welcomed her into the Digital Age.  There wasn’t room to post every art project, but here are some great samples for you to see.

this is a photo of a pastel drawing of a faceless woman and child approaching the steps to the Amoureux House.

pastel drawing

The walls of the Amouruex House were covered with beautiful art for the launch of the website on October 15, 2011.  Some students had the chance to meet Pelagie’s ancestors in person.

This is a poem written by a student and also a photo of the Amoureux family on the porch of their house.

This is a photo of a canvas bag with a painted drawing of the Amoureux House.

hand painted bag

This is a photo of a Jeopardy game with answers and questions about Pelagie and her life as a slave and a free woman.

Jeopardy game

This is a photo of a make believe FaceBook page for Pelagie Amoureux.

Imagine Pelagie knowing that her story was brought to life by students via poetry, electronic game shows, paintings, song writing, FaceBook pages, script writing, music video, 180 years after receiving her freedom.  Who would she “friend”? What would she “tweet”?

You’ve taken the important messages from Pelagie, about knowing your roots, freedom, self-esteem, law, truth, and family…and have helped make them timeless.  As Pelagie had the courage to push open the doors of freedom in post colonial times, you now are helping to make sure those doors remain open for all today.

Pass on the new shorter version of the website address so others can hear Pelagie’s story, and drop by the many historic houses in town when you’re nearby.